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Seaside lifestyle in Toulon. French Riviera, Provence, Mediterranean lifestyle, Toulon is all of that in its own singular way. The light here is unrivalled, the blue of the sea is preserved and inspired the most famous writers such as Jean Cocteau and Alexandre Dumas. In the old days, Toulon homed the most amazing city wide parties where everyone, poors and riches, artists and business men, families and singles looking for partners, sailors around the globe would all know Toulon and join the fun and the seaside lifestyle. In the recent years, Toulon is witnessing an exponential number of creative entrepreneurs, booming artists that are making such a vibrant place to be. It is about being here, it is about giving, it is about Toulon Sexy!  Toulon is back!

This page is dedicated to all that are living and giving life to the re birth of Toulon and writing the pages of this thrilling success story. Be ready and remember, to win it, you gotta be in it!




The Giraglia Cup

Glorious days of sailing in Toulon

Toulon has a dee, intimate and unbreackable connection with the Mediterranean sea. Sailors around the globe know the bay of Toulon where eastern and western winds would transport you from beaches to quiet beaches. All of that is preserved and pristine here.

Toulon hosted the Giraglia Cup which was created in 1953 and inspired the full lay out of the Hotel les Voiles. Initially, this race aimed to reconnect wounded nations after second world war, especially France and Italy. 60 years later, it is now one of the most world race and it truly contributed to some of the most ground breaking innovation in naval architecture.
This page is a big thank you to the Genova and San Remo yatching clubs for their support in this project, and the Kargo Sud architect agency for this brilliant and generously driven work.


Toulon seen by Mr Z

Mr Z is a global artist, talented designer or snap sketcher who knows, but surely the best when it comes to instinctively capturing the essence of Toulon and its emerging scene. Mr Z has a point of view for Toulon, Mr Z is a key driver of the Toulon’s new scene and we are lucky that he established himself in Toulon. Thank you and long life to Mr Z !! One of its best 2015 creation: The sweet dolce vita. Just brilliant.



Root top bar, club 124

A breathtaking sea view while sipping a mojito, it’s only at club 124!

Club 124 is the latest opening of Toulon Seaside Hotel Group. Giraglia atmosphere, open sky chic, this is the place to be in Toulon where you can stop the time with a glass of rose. With family or friends, on a romantic night or group party, this is ideal place for your special occasions. But shhhhh,only for private members…




Happy Free?

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Toulon is the air